MUMBAI: A panch witness in the cruise drugs bust case had submitted an affidavit before the special NDPS Act court alleging on October 5, an officer of the Narcotics Control Bureau had forced him to sign some papers and threatened him that if he refused, he would face dire consequences.
In an affidavit submitted through advocate Ajay Bhise on Wednesday, the witness, Sonu Maske, alleged an officer had threatened him saying, “You don’t know, we are police officers and will take you to the lock-up and you will not come out for a long time.”
The witness said he was recently summoned by the NCB but did not want to go. “The present affidavit may kindly be considered as my volunteer statement is free from any threats, coercion and without any influence depicting true and correct events about the alleged seizure panchanama,” the witness said.
Maske is purported to be a panch witness during the raid at the Powai flat of accused Aachit Kumar on October 5. Out on bail now, Kumar was held on October 6 on the basis of the now-retracted statement of Aryan Khan and the alleged WhatsApp chats. Some 2.6gm of ganja was allegedly recovered from his Powai flat.
Maske works as a facility manager in Kumar’s apartment complex. He said after he was repeatedly forced to go to the flat along with another staff member, they were asked to sign some papers. “They did not allow us to read what was written in the papers and shouted at me that we can’t wait for you to read this as we are already getting very late. They asked us to sign four papers written in Hindi…,” the affidavit said. Maske said they were then asked to sign a few blank papers to which they strongly objected. The affidavit said he was threatened with false implication.
“The panch witness apprehends the NCB, Mumbai, may record my statement against my wish…and further the applicant is under constant threat of false implication in the criminal case by the NCB, Mumbai…,” his plea said.

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