NEW DELHI: The Delhi Traffic Police will release a list of 100 ‘bad drivers’ of the city who are regularly violating traffic rules, an official said on Thursday.
This is the first time that such a list is being prepared by the police.
The persons on the list will be identified on the basis of four offences — red light jumping, speeding, drunk driving and dangerous driving, he said.
Special commissioner of police (Traffic) Muktesh Chander said the motive behind this is to inform those drivers that their driving skill is “very poor” and they need to improve it.
“The motive is to tell them that their driving is so bad that they end up violating rules regularly. With their driving, they themselves are in danger as well as their family and relatives who commute with them and other people on road are also in danger.
“We want to tell them that their driving habits are not good and they should join our road safety classes where we will teach them about road safety,” Chander said.
If the offenders do not join the classes despite being asked repeatedly and keep committing offences, their license will be cancelled permanently under the Motor Vehicle Act section 19 (that grants power to licensing authority of such revocation) and they will not be able to get licence in future, the police said.
The Delhi Traffic Police said it will be using information kept in its database which is fed whenever it issues e-challans to offenders.
“We have started extracting this data from our database. In a day or two, the list will be ready and the notices will be sent to their (offenders) residences asking them to come for the road safety as well as counselling classes at Todapur,” Chander said.
After their sessions, the attendees’ conduct while driving will be monitored by the police and if they are caught committing same crimes in future, the process of cancelling their licence will be initiated, the police said.
Information related to other offences, including accident, hit and run, by these people will be taken from the stations district-wise, they said.

Source link Times of India


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