GUWAHATI: Crimes against women have increased at an alarming rate in the city with 224 cases solely registered at the state’s only all-women police station from January to this date, as against 207 cases lodged throughout last year.
Assistant commissioner of police Bhanita Nath said, “A total of 431 cases have been reported at the all-women police station since last year to this date. Out of this, we are yet to file charge sheets in at least 98 cases, while they have been filed in at least 333 cases.” Most of the cases, where the charge sheets are pending, have been registered under sections of Information Technology Act, she said.
She added that most of the cases reported at the police station are related to domestic violence, followed by rape.
Meanwhile, another senior police officer said, “Nearly 50% of the total number of cases reported here cannot be said to be genuine. We register them as they come here to lodge a complaint.”
According to the National Crime Records Bureau report for 2020, as many as 26,352 cases of crime against women were registered across the state last year, 30,025 in 2019 and 27,687 in 2018. Out of the total number of cases, 1,657 were rape cases and 502 were related to dowry.

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