Mumbai: The carcass of a baleen whale washed up on a beach in Vasai on Tuesday morning.
Fishermen at Mardes beach who spotted the carcass, measuring around 35 feet long and weighing over 30 tonnes said that the cetacean may have been injured in a hit by a vessel—boat or ship—a few hours ago and washed ashore dead.
The carcass had not decomposed when spotted by the fishermen.
Forest officials reached the spot after being informed about the carcass. Tissues have been sent for forensic analysis while the carcass was buried on the beach.
There are about 16 species of baleen whales also known as whalebone whales.
Despite being a secluded beach, as news of the whale carcass washing ashore spread, people from around Vasai rushed to the beach.
The carcass of whales and sharks have washed ashore in the Palghar district in the past. The highly decomposed carcass of a 40ft whale had washed up on a beach in Palghar in July 2019.

Source link Times of India


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