The ongoing ‘Met Gala 2021’ is attracting film artists and other professionals from all over the world. The objective of making an appearance on the Met Gala carpet is to grab the attention of the cameras by posing in mostly over-the-top, often ridiculously dramatic costumes. However, the food served at the festival seems less than impressive. American actress and singer Keke Palmer has shared a picture of the Met Gala grub on his social media profile. The food appears so loppy and unappetizing that her followers are asking her to demand a refund.

Keke Palmer, a first-time attendee, who hosted Vogue’s Red Carpet live stream in the evening, wore a dark brown body-hugging dress at the event. A day ago, she shared a picture of her Met Gala meal, which consisted of a modest fare of some tomato, leafy veggies, corn and tomato. Some oatmeal grains were strewn about, which lent the image a sloppy and unappealing quality. Sharing the image on her Twitter account, Palmer wrote, “This is why they don’t show y’all the whole food.. I am just playing.” The photo was captioned, ‘The Menu Chile’.

Fans reacted to this tweet by comparing the food with the infamous cheese sandwich served at the Fyre Festival of 2021, a failed and much-disgraced music concert. A user wrote, “Didn’t the Fyre festival at least have a cheese sandwich?” Others compared it to various human body parts and diseases.

Another person commented, “It’s um bronchitis.”

“They served you the lungs of someone who must have smoked 40 times in a day,” was another hilarious response.

The jibes did not stop there. One user posted a photo of their dog eating, saying, “Why is my dog feasting while you all eating what looks like food scraps”, followed by a crying emoji.

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