Followers of Korean pop culture were in for a treat on Sunday as music artist Peakboy released his latest single, Gyopo Hairstyle. Besides being a summer bop, the music video also featured the cameo of the Wooga squad, which comprises BTS singer Kim Tae-Hyung aka V, actors Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Shik and Park Hyung Sik.

The four-minute-long video shows Peakboy singing and grooving to his song as the Wooga squad members made their cameo, leaving fans more excited. One of the most talked-about cameos is that of V. The singer made his charming yet comical appearance in the video dressed in a purple suit with a glass of blue cocktail. In one of the shots from the video, the singer is seen raising the glass as if in a toast. The scene reminded many fans of the iconic shot of Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio from the movie The Great Gatsby. Taehyung is seen serving a glass of cocktail to Peakboy in the music video.

BTS fans, known as Army, were quick to hype up the cameo on social media. Many fans pointed out the similarity between V and Leonardo on Twitter. One fan tweeted, “Tae giving The Great Gatsby vibe.” The user had even shared the screengrab of V and Leonardo’s shots side by side for netizens to see.

One user added a similar shot from the Korean drama Vincenzo where actor Song Joong Ki is seen raising a glass of wine at a party. The user posted the three pictures of Leonardo, Joong-ki, and Taehyung to point out the similarities.

For many fans, Taehyung’s cameo gave them a glimpse of his acting skills, leaving them impressed even more.

One tweet also mentioned how the singer fulfilled his wish of working as a waiter through the recent cameo.

The singer had mentioned in an interview that if given a chance to take up a part-time job, he would want to work as a waiter.

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