AHMEDABAD: An ‘Oxygen Express‘ train carrying 85.23 tons of liquid medical oxygen left from Hapa near Jamnagar in Gujarat for Gurugram in Haryana on Monday, said Western Railway officials.
The LMO is to be supplied to hospitals in Delhi and adjoining areas, all battling a severe surge in coronavirus cases and a resultant spike in demand for the vital gas.
“A Ro-Ro (roll on roll off) service carrying four tankers loaded with liquid medical oxygen left from Hapa in Gujarat at 6:37am on May 3 and will reach Gurugram in Haryana in the morning of May 4. The Oxygen Express, carrying 85.23 tonnes of LMO in four tankers, will traverse 1,088 kilometres to reach its destination,” a WR release informed.
“These oxygen tankers will be used in Covid hospitals in Delhi and adjoining areas. This is the second Oxygen Express train of WR. The LMO has been supplied by Reliance Industries in Jamnagar,” the release added.
On April 25, a WR service left from Hapa to Kalamboli in Maharashtra with 44 tons of LMO.
The release said, till May 2, Railways had delivered over 1,094 metric tonnes (MT) LMO to Maharashtra (174 MT), Uttar Pradesh (430.51 MT), Madhya Pradesh (156.96 MT), Delhi (190 MT), Haryana (79 MT) and Telangana (63.6 MT).

Source link Times of India


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