CHENNAI: The Greater Chennai Corporation on Sunday opened a telecounselling centre with 100 lines to help those in home isolation.
People can call 044 – 46122300, 044-25384520 to dispel doubts about Covid-19 and vaccination.
There are 20,000 active cases in the city and 80% of them are in home isolation.
Last year, the centre catered to four lakh calls and was closed in December after number of cases came down. “As cases are increasing, we have opened this centre again. Last year, the highest number per day cases was 2,393 but now we have surpassed it and have 1,000 more. So, we have restarted all the successful initiatives we took last year,” said the corporation commissioner G Prakash.
“The telecounselling centre helped people create green corridors, ensured that patients were not depressed in home isolation and many untoward incidents were avoided. It also helped people seek help for essentials and purchased,” he added.
This year, added to all this, vaccine-related questions can be asked. “Whatever doubts people have we will clear them. Dr Gladstone will run the team with volunteers. It will be open for 24 hours with volunteers working in three shifts,” he said.
The civic body is identifying 500 symptomatic cases every day in fever clinics and about 11,000 fever workers are surveying households every day to find symptomatic people. Screening centres have also been opened. Out of the 12,600 beds, about 1,104 beds are occupied in Covid care centres now.

Source link Times of India


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