MUMBAI: A 24-year-old Nalasopara man in Maharashtra capital Mumbai was arrested for allegedly extorting Rs 1.5 lakh from his former girlfriend for not making their private videos viral.
The 22-year-old victim, a Virar resident, approached the Nalasopara police after the accused forwarded copies of the private videos to her would-be-groom after extorting the cash.
The accused and victim were in a relationship for two years.
Their families were against the relationship as they belonged to different religions.
The victim’s marriage was fixed through an arranged proposal and the wedding was to take place soon.
The accused demanded the cash from the victim and threatened to make their intimate videos.
The victim’s mother paid Rs 1.50 lakh to the accused.
He took the cash and later sent the intimate videos to the victim’s groom, who cancelled the wedding.
The accused has been booked for extortion and remanded to police custody.

Source link Times of India


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