KARWAR: Twenty-three people from five Christian families in Haliyal taluk converted to Hinduism in the presence of BJP MP Anant Kumar Hegde, in an event described by saffron outfits as “ghar wapsi” (homecoming) and voluntary action.
At the function held in Haliyal town on Sunday, the Uttara Kannada MP and former BJP MLA Suneel Hegde handed over the saffron flag to those who converted.
“Most of these families are poor and have no knowledge of conversion to other religions,” Suneel Hegde said. “The conversion of the Dalits and tribals to Christianity will be opposed tooth and nail. More such people will be brought back to the Hindu fold. I request those who are converting Hindus to desist, else they will face the repercussions,” he added. Most of those who converted are Dalits.
They realised it was a ‘mistake’
t the event, they said they Ahad converted to Christianity for various reasons but have realised it was a “mistake” and “returned” to Hindu religion.
Suneel Hegde said the local BJP unit was in touch with the families and persuaded them to convert. “They agreed and a homa was conducted. The families re-entered the Hindu religion after the ceremony.” The former MLA said Anant Kumar Hegde will lead the “ghar wapsi” campaign and raise awareness against the conversion of poor people.

Source link Times of India


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