CHENNAI: Active cases in Chennai breached the 10,000-mark on Wednesday, when Tamil Nadu added 3,986 new cases – including 1,459 cases in hotspot Chennai.
Nearly two out of every five patients under treatment for the infection is from the city.

While there were 27,743 active cases across the state 10,685 were in Chennai. Meanwhile, the 17 deaths in the state took the cumulative toll tally to 12,821 and the case tally touched 9.11 lakh(9,11,110).
Chennai, which reported 10,147 active cases on October 24, saw a steady decline to 1550 cases on February 9. Since then the average number of cases the city has been reporting every day has been on the rise.
In the week between March 19 and 25, the city reported a weekly average of 524 fresh cases a day, 285 discharges and four deaths. The next week, the average number of fresh cases went up to 869 along with discharged (486), although deaths were still averaging at four.
The total number of fresh cases that week was 3402. In the last six days, the city has already reported 7917 new cases of the viral infection.
“We want to test people for symptoms, track at least 30 contacts of each positive patient in 72 hour. We also want to encourage more people to take the vaccine,” said health secretary J Radhakrishnan.
“Barring the last ten days when the vaccinations dropped drastically due to elections, we were vaccinating nearly 1 lakh people a day,” said health secretary J Radhakrishnan. “Now that the elections are over, we will go on a campaign mode to offer the vaccine to at least three lakh people a day,” he said.
A day after polls, Tamil Nadu vaccinated 65,764 people including 30,113 senior citizens and 32251 people above 45 years on Wednesday. Since January, the state has administered 34lakh doses of the vaccine.

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