SURAT: Residents of Sagarampura area were shocked to witness the horrific scene of people hanging from the fourth-floor window of a residential apartment and entering into an adjoining building window on Monday. The residents risked their lives out of panic due to fire in the five storey Arjun Apartment.
The fire was minor and controlled within minutes by Surat Fire and Emergency Services (SFES) but the smoke spread in the building created panic among residents, said fire officials.
At least four persons including a child were rescued from the fourth-floor apartment by the family members risking their lives after they could not go out of their apartment due to smoke in the stairs. The residents told SFES officials that they could not think of any other option but to get out from the window and get into the adjoining building from the window.
One male resident stood on the canopy of the lower floor window and he helped women and children from the apartment to come out from the window. One after another each member came out of the window and immediately the man helped them to reach the window of the neighbouring building.
“Members of one family took the risk to come out from the window and go into the neighbouring building from the window while hanging on the outer wall. They took the step before the SFES team reached there,” said an official of SFES.

Source link Times of India


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